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Thu 16th December 2010
The Sunshine World Pro Team & Academy build a kicker!

To warm up for the season three of us decided to build a kicker on the hill behind the Sunshine World Chalet. Myself, TJ and Adam (One of our Snowboard Academy students) geared up, grabbed some spades and headed to the snow-covered back garden. In the first week or so of the season the team had built a huge snow cave that could house about 8 people!

Yesterday TJ and some others built a jump up one side of the cave that transfered onto a landing down the next side. We spent a couple of hours perfecting the run-in and watching TJ and Adam bust out some spins! All seemed to be going well, TJ was slowly building up to 360s and Adam (having never really done any freestyle) was being taught by him, eventually landing a couple of really clean 180s! Unfortunately, on one of his jumps, TJ landed on the nose of his board, creating a gaping hole in the side of the cave! After using a wooden board and a lot of effort, we had managed to patch the hole but needed to leave it to solidify over-night, as to not further damage the team's work of mastery.

From there we walked a short distance down the road and crossed a stream that lead to the powder-covered hill behind the Chalet. We scoped out the hill, searching for a place that had a long enough steep pitch to both build up some speed and to make for a painless landing. After walking to the top we found the perfect stretch of snow, right next to a conveniently placed snowmobile track (That way we didn't have to flatten out the powder snow so we could pick up some speed).

After about half an hour of building we had managed to pack down enough snow for a decent sized kicker. At first we were worried that the snow was too fluffy and that it wouldn't stick or compact enough to take the weight of three grown lads flinging themselves off it, there was only one way to find out!

We walked up to the top of the steep pitch and prepeared ourselves for the unknown! TJ, being the acrobatic mentalist that he is, wanted to try a backflip but didn't want to break the kicker and decided he was going last. Not wanting to seem too timid I stepped up to the challenge and went first. Being the only skiier I had the advantage of being able to skate to build up my speed, I soon learned that i really didn't need it! I hit the kicker with plenty of speed and popped, getting some awesome air and distance, landing and catching my tips in the deep powder. Yea! I was very impressed, not really minding that I bailed after the landing because of the deep snow. The best part the kicker had held perfectly. By the time I was clear TJ was already on his way down, he hit the kicker with some impressive speed and flew off the jump. I watched in awe as he grabbed his board, spinning himself over and landing a 180 backflip! Unfortunately, just as he landed he lost his balance and fell into the snow. Awesome!

By the time it was starting to get dark Adam was landing perfect 180s and, considering he has never really done any freesyle, did really well for the day fearless! Due to the diminishing light we had to call it day after a few jumps each. TJ tried a few more backflips but didn't manage to top his first incredible attempt. We left the jump there to solidify over a couple of days and hopefully we will give it another go when we get some free time, I shall keep you posted! All-in-all an a wicked day that really helped build up confidence for the rest of the season! Booya!

Mon 17th January 2011
Kitting The House Out

A day off for all today, Alan and some of the boys have gone to a furniture shop to kit out the Pro Team kitchen and Sean and Ell are out at a hardware store buying a load of bits for the Pro Team room and the flat upstairs. I think we all will probably just chill out and watch some films later on tonight and oooh maybe another Star Wars is in store. Time for a chilled one in front of the laptop doing some gentle writing and also planning my English lesson for next week, oh and I also have to start giving some of the boys guitar lessons. First things first though, some breakfast.


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