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Sun 3rd April 2011
Level 3 Skiing Course Start

Today me and pockle started the level 3 course, we did skiier development with the examiners there was 10 of us in our group, it was a good day.

The rest of the team were resting there heads from the night before.

By the end of the day i was completely cream cackered...

Sun 6th February 2011
ooooooh ahhhhhhhh Nosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal

Today at nosal baby, 3 snowboard guests and a couple academy kids to entertain, and entertain we did as the guests 2 ladies Luise and Denice, and one gentlemen name Geraldo all absolutely lovely nig cats and were definitely up for a jol (good time). So after taking Denice on my own for quite some time as she was having a little more dificulty then the rest with the button lift but after some personal coaching and a couple breaks for rest WE HAD IT, after lunch it was time to bring  the groups together and so we did good fun it was we started with a couple of heavy edging and pressure drills getting them real low on their edges so we knew they'd be able to stop on a dime if needed, once we knew they could stop if needed very quickly we felt it safe do get them into a human slalom and for the rest of the day we had split into two teams and had an absolute ball racing to the bottom of the run.

As far as my own riding went for the day was good I landed a frontside BONK to backside 180 which is a first for my self, and I was quite proud of it we also had bad boy Adam rocking some big 180's drifting in and off the slope to get some huge pop. Brett was throwing some buttery buttery 180 slides along side reuben doing the same I didnt get to see to much of the others but I'm sure they were throwing just as gnarly runs down anyway def a great day to ride.

Here's a quick poke of some of the gang and one of the look outs over the valley here!


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