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Wed 23rd March 2011
Last Night Of The Season In Poland

It was the last night of the season before the roadtrip to andorra, so we went out for a meal at a great resturant called malenca, were the food is amazing and sooo cheap too.

After the meal we went to a bar close by called 7 mountainsn and we stayed there all night, the barmen giving us tasty shots and with great beer there too sunshine world made the night.

Mon 13th December 2010

Today was my first day at Szymoszkowa this season. And on a powder day! With over a foot and a half of snow! It was absolutely incredible! It was a bit difficult to get out of the gat to begin with though as theres was so much snow, we couldn't grip. To make things even better, The guys took to the Pow like a fish to water! We started off on the more level run to get back into the swing of things and teach to them the difference between riding on normal snow and on powder snow. After theat, we went to the top of the slope. There was a slight struggle on the steeper part, but after a while, the whole run was no problem and every one of them was navigating their way down with little to no problems. Even jumping into the fresh snow and taking a 'swim'!


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