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Thu 27th January 2011
Bialka part 2 day 2!

Back to Bialka again today! Everyone was up and raring to go for another day like yesterday. Even our guests! Bianca and Julie did swap for a day on the boards and even though finding it very weird, enjoyed it quite a bit!

I was riding with Kerri and going through the level one and two student progression from the board orientation through to simple C turns.She fell once on her cocyx which she fractured the other month but she got straight up and continued to plough on like a trooper!

We then met Elliott and Rienk with B and Julie to have some hot wine and enjoy the ride home.

We met everyone later on in Papparazzi and drunk and danced the night away! it was so much fun but oh am i going to feel it later!

Mon 13th December 2010
first gest snowboarding lesson of the season

Today i gave my first propper gest snowboarding lesson of the season. the lesson went verry well and the gests are lovely people, good fun and willing to try witch always makes it more fun to teach. the day went realy well and fun was had by all, a realy good way of kicking of the first lessons, reminds me why i love what i do.

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