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Tue 15th March 2011
glory days

KASPROWY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT, you ever have one of those days where you look back and think WOW I wouldnt change anything, well my friends this lucky camper (me) just had that today, a nice laid back morning and a short bus ride right up to our favorite mountain Kasprowy wierch, a beautiful gondola ride up to the top and away we went the best part (personally) about Kasprowy is how right from the start you have a choice start slow or get right into it, being the kinda group we are you know were gunna dive right into that first black diamond from the get go not only did we decide to hit the black but we decided that building ourselves a kicker into the drop for the run would be a great way to start the day and low and behold IT CERTAINLY WAS it got the pace off to a good start and we got some very sly photos to (all in the first 10 mins of being there) the morning session was great good pace and plenty of jumping to satisfy our needs. On our seconde run down not sure who but it was spotted off to the side a beautiful fresh powder bowl, so away we went all of us hucking our selves off a huge powder shelf in to a fresh bowl it was unreal how we could find an untouched bowl like that atleast 2 feet deep. Mikey again was throwing out his great gmynastic acrobatics trying to learn some front flips and coming well close after seeing him do that Alan and I had no choice but to give it a try (I found out quickly that I'm not quite as acrobatically gifted as mikey but worth a shot) and dont get me wrong wasnt just us three we had everyone out there throwing everything they had into these kickers we built big shout out to Lex who was cracking her big airs out SAWEEEEET, and Richard as well. After exhausting our selves hiking this one we figured it was about time to move on,

We came across another beauty kicker this one a bit more sketchy as it was almost built right into a sign post but did make for a sick coulpe photos and the way we had everyone feeling confidence was running well high. Then finally down to the bottom where we just so happened to spot our next big run, what we saw was going to be one of the highlights of the day (one of the many) a spotlessly clean run out from a hikable peak so next time down we did just climbed the beauty and got fresh tracks on it.

It may seam like im going over board on the high lights of this day but I  promise all true, but this next one was probably one of my biggest goals of the season from the first time I saw it, it was a massive pillar built for the chairlift and made a perfect almost 9 foot drop onto an off piste area and yes it sounds to good to be true but man alive I swear like something out of the magazines, so we hit it a couple times but the rest of the gang wasn't so interested so we didnt give quite as much time as the other great hits. Still enough time for AL mikey and I to rip it to shreads though :).

The day went way to quickly but just because the lifts stop doesn't we have to does it? HELL NO Captain!!!! Again me Mikey and Al were the only ones to do it but man it was sweet anyway built a sick little quicker into the fresh POWPOW and worked on some front flips and guess what MIKEY got them DIALED perfect it was sex-cellent absolutly awesome to see him do got me and Alan well amped and pumped up for the final ride down where me an Al had some sick little catapult tricks working to get through some of the flatter bits.

We reached the bottom as the sun had gone right down but lucky for us street lights illuminated a sweet hand rail type ledge over a something like a 40 set staircase. And with that crazy dangerous set up we called it a day, a lovely day!!!!!

peace tj

It was hard to pick a picture for this one but I had to give it to our very first jump of the day cause nearly all of us hit it!!!

Sun 6th February 2011

Today we were at Nosal with the 9 guests. I took one of the lovely irish girls for a lesson on edging, so with did side slipping, hard edge turns, hockey stops etc. Once the lesson was over we had lunch, and then headed off for a play with the rest of the team. With Nosals black and red run nicely chopped up, it was perfect practise for the bumps. Key points when traversing use legs like a car suspension and suck up the bumps. When turning picture u are drawing a smiley face on the bumps, pole plant on the top and turn down the back side of it to draw the smile. This will help u keep in control of speed.

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