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Fri 24th December 2010
Christmas Eve

Day off for some today in order to begin cooking for Christmas dinner, there is a lot of food to prepare and we must start now for there is only one cooker in the kitchen. Our Christmas spirits are high and the Christmas songs and films are flowing. We have only just put up the Christmas tree and decorations and now it's time to relish in the innocence that is Christmas.


Sat 15th January 2011
Bialka with the corporates

Today we went to Bialka with the guests and had a really good time! The lessons went silky smooth and everyone had a great time! A couple of us went up to the park for a bit and tried both red runs which were a lot of fun and I tried Rienk and Adams boards too. Its weird how much difference a stance makes!
After lunch we went to give the advanced lessons whom everyone enjoyed but unfortunately Mel landed funny and hurt her leg. I took her to the hospital and they sorted her out no problem and she was still able to go out to party!

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