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Tue 30th November 2010
Splitting from the group

Three days into amsterdam, and the rest of the guys decided to take off with out me, thankfully this was a planned seperation, from here on in I was a wolf pack of one (until meeting up once again in Poland), any way I decided 3 days in Amsterdam simply just wasnt enough, and ended up staying another 4 days making sure i got the most out of this trip and even happened to meet a new brazilian friend ow ow much, from there I was off to Belgium then germany and then couple weeks later met back up with the gang in zakopane.

Wed 19th January 2011
New Years Day

Hangovers galore across the globe today but surprisingly enough mine is not that bad. Today we are just watching films and slowly eating our pizza's from La Strada, purely because no one can stomach eating too much at once. Everyone is also explaining what they remember from the previous evening and filling in the blanks for each other, what a funny night we had. Now we all need to take it easy for the rest of today in order to recoup our strength but, what you reap is what you sew.


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