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Sat 26th March 2011

Once the vito was fixed, we set off again to Andorra, after 6 hours driving we made it to bratislava, and the team got still in 2 hostels which alan had booked and payed for us.

At like 10 at night we went to grab some food, and then head to a reggie/underground club, which was sweet, and ex bunker from the war.

Coded message... I've got the nortel.....

After plenty of drinks and dancing we made it back to the room late at night.... way past my bedtime hahaha

Sun 5th December 2010
Exploring Krakow

Today we awoke in Caroline's apartment to the glorious sunshine that permeated all of Krakow. Even though the weather has warmed up, the ground remains frozen which is exactly what we want. Today has been another day of exploration, we travelled to Rynek square to enjoy the open market before heading off to the Wawel Royal Castle which offers the best view of Krakow. The castle's cathedral, the Cathedral Basilica of St. Stanisław and St. Wacław, was breathtaking. Adorned with tapestries, gold statues, exquisitely detailed stone sculptures, royal jewellery, the crypts and burial chambers of Kings, Queens, Saints and national heroes and incredibly high ceilings that would encumber any visiting divine entity. What was more amazing was the intricacy of the buildings, all of the connecting tunnels, secret passages and catacombs make for a dazzling complex system of structures. In fact all of the famous buildings within Krakow are a testament to human ingenuity and capability, to think that these buildings were made by sheer man power is mind bending. Another wonderful day in the oldest city in Europe, now off to the bus station and back to Zakopane.

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