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Sun 16th January 2011
Sing Song

The rugby boys last day started with a ski at bialca followed by an award ceremony in the evening at the karaoke bar in town. The boys whipped out some quality made up songs with bob on guitar and pug on vocal. Then the sunshine world boys gave them some of our own including alans song. Plenty of beers and storys of their time here including strip clubs and cider Susie the night drew to a close and we said goodbye to the rugby boys.

Wed 22nd December 2010
learning to ski

Today was pretty interesting, Adam, Sean and me got taught how to ski by Alan. As snowboarding instructors we were a bit apprehensive but it was good fun.

We went through the beginner progression, turning in a circle on the spot, walking up and down hill, basic snow plough and then a little snow plough slalem race for fun (and to work in the skills we just learnt). We then moved over to the bigger Bunny slope and did some more mileage exercises and then learned the basics of carving turns. It was all good practice and a good laugh, it was nice change.

Unfortunately, due to an old injury from a motorbike accident, I wasn't able to ski all day (the boot on my right foot hurt as my foot is miss-shapen), but i won't let that stop me it just means I have to get boots moulded to my foot eventually. After all, if I can still ride a bike I won't let the injury stop me hehe.

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