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Sun 2nd January 2011
Hangover Over

I feel alive again and what a feeling it is. We have returned back to normality and we all enjoy the comforts of not being zombies. We are all still just having fun messing around. After a quick session on the slopes we all returned home for another exquisite dinner produced by Sean, Ell and Greg-e-boy.


Sat 22nd January 2011
Skiing like a Snowboarder!

Another day on the slopes with my skies at Bialka!...I decided that I would tag along with Greg as he had only one guest to instruct...

As yesterday he's been working on carving and me still being a beginner this is where it starts to get fun and SCARY!

Maximum edge control and proper stance and balance (Banana shape) is the key to good carving, a good carve will also increase the speed of travel!...the other big diference in sliding turns and carving is that with carving there is equal pressure on BOTH skies (more edge and pressure control) where is with sliding turns the most of the pressure is given to the outside (turning) ski...a very different 'cuppa tea' all together!....

Intro to Carving:

*Static balance and edging excersise.

*J turn where you do 1 carve turn and ending back up the slope (shape of the letter J)

*J turn with no poles where 1 hand goes to the boot (increase of body angle) and the other hand goes up in the air

*2 linked turns

*Timing and coordination (nice smooth carvs with flexion and extension)

I had a few attempts to carve on a red but the speed made it very scary which also resulted in a few big crashes!...decided to leave the carving for a bit and back to focussing on my sliding turns....as they still need alot of work too!

I asked Greg for some feedback and tips to improve my skiing, so he did!...


In skiing there isnt much if AT all any movement of the upperbody as there is in Snowboarding.

How to improve:

*holding poles infront of you and make a picture frame and the picture should remain the same focus point!

*Zip of your jacket should always point down the hill

*shoulders being paralell to the horizon

So I really need to focus on stop trying to snowboard on a pair of skis, a challenge that proves to be very hard indeed!...


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