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Thu 7th April 2011
The day that never ended (or so i hoped)

Today started pretty much the same as most lovely days at sunshine world, nice weather easy going breakfast with all the lads in the common room and like allways plenty of banter to be shared. A good ride up to Bialka and then get all sorted and ready to ride, today was a little different rather then a full day of sessions of coaching we had some self improvement working on the things we were told to work in previouse work outs for about an hour, I myself had to sort my bum problem out (i ride like im constantly on the can) after a good hour of concentration I was ready to get down to my kinda riding IN THE PARK baby and it just so happened everyone else must have caught the same bug because we all happened to meet up in the park. And I mean EVERYONE its awesome when were all feeling it and today was definitely one of those days, we had katie launching herself of the table top for the first time me and mikey throwing our first 540's of the season  Brett and ruby-cube throwing beauty backside 360's making them look real classy to Ads was nailing his 180 (with various grabs) Al-dog getting mad air, now what you gotta think about is THIS WAS ALL BEFORE WE EVEN HAD LUNCH. After lunch it was def time to hit the park again but with true wisdom our captain Al decided it was best time for a little herbal healing techniques (as throwing tricks for the first time in a season doesnt always come first time naturally) which some of the gang was definitely up for we found a well chill spot on a snow mound and all just chilled in the sun for a moment, which in true sunshine fashion you know turned into who can throw the coolest trick off the mound and who can then run back up the mound fastest (what can I say never a dull moment), but once all the fun and games were done and over with it was time for business which really isnt so bad when your business just happens to be throwing back flips over big kickers, it was that kinda day when we were all pushing our limits so I decided it was probably time time that I pulled out some back flips as Mikey had all ready started throwing front flips out the ying yang everyone was just pushing it and pushing it SICK got some sick footage from Al and Tricky filming!!!! now 4:30 (our normal leaving time) rolled round and we were all still kicking it in the park half of us really didnt want to go anywhere we were having far to much fun right where we were. So half of us did that Al said it would be fine for us to keep riding (to be honest I think he was praying some of us would want to cause he was having to much fun himself) so Al footed the bill for us to keep on riding BLESS HIM cause the rest of the night we went right until about 10:00 that evening stopping every so often for a little herbal relaxation.

Now on a normal day you would expect that, that surely must have been the end but not on such a perfect day like this we were all a bit peckish so a quick stop at McDonalds for a couple of burgers and shakes and some cheeky beers from the petrol station beside. and we took off right to Paparazzi (sweet bar) board boots and all, looking like real proper boarders straight off the slope and we were loving AND SO WERE THE DOLLS in the bar couple drinks later it was time to get home for a shower and some good eats and then it was time to go IT WAS FRIDAY NIGHT AFTER ALLL YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHA!!!!!

Sun 23rd January 2011
Commit God Damm It.

Today we went to Nosal, the heavens were chucking it down with snow, the perfect day for our 9 new guests. 7 of them were returning guests from last year and 2 south africans who had never seen fresh snow ever. We kitted everyone out and cracked straight on with the lessons. I took 5 complete beginners and we started the beginner progression with my group by the end of the lesson coming down the slope is a straight snow plow. We had lunch and the guests went for a play in the afternoon, practising what they had learnt. Were as I went for a play with the main man Garcia doing commitment turns down nosals black. The aim was to throw our weight up and forward in phase 2 of the turn, the part of the turn were we extend our legs and change the edge angle. This is used in all types of turns. Down a black you would of thought this will be difficult but actually so have soooo much more pressure control and you can really feel your skis. After a good couple of attempts i'm just finallly getting used to it. Roll on tomorrow.

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