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Selected Events (Past and Future)

Sun 12th December 2010
First Boarders!

Today I had my first lesson of the season. The guys where absolutely awesome and really got to grips with things quickly! As usual, each person had their own tipples and as usual, they all needed the one golden analogy to make everything click into place. After a whole day, They were all doing awesomely and personally, I cant wait to teach them again!


Wed 19th January 2011
Bye bye miss american pie....and the rugby boys

So today was the last day on the slopes with all the Gents it was a good day, Matty and I took them up to Bialka, to enjoy the last day of skiing. It was an absolutely lovely day with great weather the boys were all happy to just free ski, as they had all ready taken the full week of instruction and just wanted to be able to put it into practice. It was excellent to see my usual group (the intermediates) be able to keep up and do every slope the advanced group was able to do and the fun didnt stop there after a long day on the slopes we all made it home for dinner with plans of meeting again… and so we did later that night it was time for an award ceremony, and sing along with Robsy on the guitar , it was a great fun filled evening with plenty of jokes and laughter. We sang everything from the Eagles, Hotel California right to some of the rugby boys own songs about their past hostelling experiences, great sense of humour on them and definitely made our week sparkle with character. Can't wait till next season to see them all again.

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