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Selected Events (Past and Future)

Fri 31st December 2010
A Happy New Year from Sunshine World!

It's been a long year, but it's finally come to an end! The Sunshine World Team, as always, aimed to see 2010 off with a massive bang! We invited a couple of our guests and a few friends back to the Chalet to warm up for the epic party we had tickets for.

We spent the majority of the time at the Chalet greeting our friends and welcoming back Matty, one of last seasons ski instructors, and his friend Sam. We hooked up an iPod to the Chalets professional cinema system and blasted out some banging tunes! TJ, Greg and others were playing fuβball with their own special rules (these mainly involved dares and a lot of drinking depending on who scored and who won!) which is always amusing to watch!

Later on, just gone 9, we all headed to the club in taxis. The club is one we all knew very well from last season, it's called Ampstrong, has two dance floors, many different rooms and two bars. It's really quite cool! By the time we got here we were all fairly drunk and unfortunately for us the tickets came with several free drinks! Many drinks and much dancing later the magic hour was almost upon us!

I spent a long time in the back room meeting other English people (gasp!) and generally talking to them so much that I doubt they actually wanted to listen. With 10 minutes to go I headed to the dance floor to regroup with the rest of the gang. After finding everyone it was pretty much time for the count down, we grabbed the bottles of champagne that we brought with us and congregated in the middle of the floor. The count down was loud, building up to the event fantastically, as we reached the 'Happy New Year!!!' Rob, Alan and Adam all popped the corks of the champagne, soaking everyone on the dance floor! Epic!

After much more dancing in the drum & bass room it was getting late and people wanted a taxi. I was far too drunk to stay and would have inevitably caused far too many problems for my own good so I hopped in one with some of the guys and headed back.

The next morning was very interesting. Apparently one of us had not been able to open the front door and had dived through the window downstairs! Mental! I heard stories of Rob MCing and Conor stubbing cigarettes out on his hands (and apparently mine too!). A great night was had by all apparently, even though many of us have little recollection of it!

Fri 25th February 2011
FEB HALF TERM DONE BABY...and with out anycomplication

Hokey Pokes what a week, 4 lessons a day and plenty of partying that could pretty much well sum this week, but I'd like to tell you a little more of some of the high lights of this spectacular week. The first day was one of the busiest as we had to deal with all the equipment rental but because we were ready and waiting for it we were able to blitz through all the rentals and have everyone ready to rock and roll for lessons by 11:15 just as we  had planned!!! First lessons ASSESMENT, because we had all ready got almost everyones abilities from the booking forms most people were all ready placed in the perfect group for them, only a few had either under rated or over rated themselves and were quickly put into the right place. From day to day operations ran ultra smooth with everyone getting to the right place right on time, a big thanks to all our guests to for making sure they made it on time to everything. Now it wasn't all about the riding as this was a week for most to kick loose relax and really get a break from everything else being half term and all, which meant the partying was rampant. We had some ultra classy nights starting in one of our local favorites Papparazi and always moving else where as we didnt want to be tied to one place for to long. A couple of nights we made it to the piano bar which is a beautiful place with a super relaxed atmosphere swings for bar chairs and couches for seats!!

But the topper probably the best night was our end of week Friday night dinner slash mad party, starting the night of at the Litwor (5 star) hotel where we were treated to absolute delicasies such as salmon mousse and stuffed turkey, as well as great conversation as the whole academy and pro team all made it out (all paid for by our main man AL-dog great thanks as always for treating us with such style Al) and most of our guests as well, who were all ready for a big night with us. As I was saying the dinner was great but the entertainment the speeches from Alan and the conversation we all could share really made the evening. From the Litwor we were all off to VavaVoom one of the premier clubs in Zakopane where as always the party got started with the sunshine world crew and guests. What a night it was ! Well ladies and gentlemen that about sums up our Feb half term amazing sking/ boarding, and crazy wild parties WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT!!!!!!

heres just a quick shot of Maples and his STRAWBERRY DAQUIRY. which he got a good beating for at the week end dinner at Litwor haha what a night.


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