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Selected Events (Past and Future)

Thu 2nd December 2010
Welcoming Committee

Now that we have arrived at the amazing team chalet the season truly begins; skiing, snowboarding, parties and general shenanigans. We appeared out of the darkness in the wee hours of this morning to be greeted by Alan's missus Jolananta and Rebecca, the first academy guest to arrive at the house and in fact the first person from England to arrive at the house, we've been beaten by a girl... Today has been a day of rest for everyone  involved in the show. Alan has given us the grand tour of our accommodation for the duration of our stay and the house is brilliant. Right now we are chilling like the champions we are, joking, chatting, reminiscing the road trip. For the time being there is not much to do, the atmosphere is a relaxed one and it will last until the first holidaymakers arrive and things start to get busy. Now all we have to do is chill and hit the slopes.


Thu 10th February 2011
The Day After...

Yesterday one of my best friends Ross and his girlfriend Amy arrived in ZAKOPANE! After celebrating Alans Birthday (and their arrival) with a delicious meal and drinks in Va-Va-Voom last night , this morning we went up to Nosal!...

Again the SUN was booming and it was warm and gorgeous!

Snowboard Lesson:

Ross wanted to get better in switch riding and is thinking about getting his BASI level 1 in the near future, Amy wanted to get more confident on her board and improve her general riding!

For this reason we spend all morning on the bunny slopes to just get over the complete beginner progression and ofcourse Ross had to do everything in switch (and so did I)...even the button lifts...Really makes you feel like a beginner again!

After doing the parts of the beginner progression and explaining the what why how to make it more challenging I gave them more advanced challenges down the bottom of the run

*Tail and nose manuals

*Spinning 360's on the snow

*Hopping 180's (explaining the 8 different varieties of the 180 on a snowboard)

In Normal & Switch:

-Backside (toes)

-Frontside (heels)

-Backside (heels) More challenging as its AGAINST the rotation momentum.

-Frontside (toes) More challenging as its AGAINST the rotation momentum.

After lunch we went to the top to give them a more intermediate/advanced lesson

*More movement (flexion & extension) and aggression (upperbody/knees) in riding steeper slopes

*Completing (NO counter-rotation) turns

Awesome day for several reasons: Having my friends around me and being able to teach them + learning myself, it has been 4 years since I last snowboarded with Ross! sunny and glorious day, LOVING the here and now....



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