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Sun 16th January 2011
Sing Song

The rugby boys last day started with a ski at bialca followed by an award ceremony in the evening at the karaoke bar in town. The boys whipped out some quality made up songs with bob on guitar and pug on vocal. Then the sunshine world boys gave them some of our own including alans song. Plenty of beers and storys of their time here including strip clubs and cider Susie the night drew to a close and we said goodbye to the rugby boys.

Sat 15th January 2011
The Hardcore 3

The opl's second and final day so went ventured to bialca, were we the instructors taught in the morning, had a play in the afternoon and then me and pockles taught a joint adavance to the owners and managing directors of OPL which they lapped up we started with an assessment run, followed by jump turns, jump carve turns and inside egde to inside edge turns.

As it was their last day they wanted a big party so the hardcore 3 me, adam and tj left to join them at midnight in morskie moko that night, were we partyed till half 4 in the morning then they left to go to their hotel as their breakfast was at 6 that morning.

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