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Tue 30th November 2010
Back In The Van

Here we go, back in the van for a nice twelve hour journey with everything that all six of us will need for the next five months. We say goodbye to TJ for two weeks and head off for an endurance test, who can sit in the over packed van for longest without moaning. Germany is our destination for today, Alan shall drive for as long he can and then we will set up camp in a random motel for the night.

Tue 1st February 2011
Waiter Waiter

Today we went to bialca, with just 10 guests, i took 8 of them for a lesson buiilding on from yesterdays lesson of stance and balance so i did some more stance and balance exercise to start then followed by some rotation excerises with included slide 180s into slide 360s and hockey stops.

After the lesson i whipped on my board and elliot took me and kerri for a session to work on our flexion and extension so we did the waiter excerise, whether on your heel side you had to hold your arms out like you were carrying a tray and on your toes side you had your arms behind your back.

After lots of repition and mileage i started to get the hang of it.

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