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Sun 3rd April 2011
Level 3 Skiing Course Start

Today me and pockle started the level 3 course, we did skiier development with the examiners there was 10 of us in our group, it was a good day.

The rest of the team were resting there heads from the night before.

By the end of the day i was completely cream cackered...

Sun 9th January 2011
Film Night

After a big night out last night many of us have decided to stay in to gather our strength. Mine, Sean and Ell's buddies, Mitch and Mango have arrived from the sweet sweet county of Essex in the early morning of today. We gave them a big warm welcome last night by hitting two awesome clubs in town, one of which is of my favourite variety, composed of lots of little rooms and corridors which allow for a diverse selection of music. We just chilled today by popping into town and getting some Pizza from the Hut followed by a film session, The Expendables and Clash of the Titans.


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