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Tue 22nd February 2011
Bialca Day 3

Today we went back to bialca, the same plan as the day before with the instructors busy with lesson and the academy shadowing lesson relevant to their upcoming exams in andorra. Sarah and graham were with me doing an absolute cracking job mucking it and getting experience.

Fri 14th January 2011
Corporate group

Today we met our new guests, a firm Christmas do (how cool is that?! Going on a ski trip for your Christmas party!) They are only here for the weekend so we took them out to Nosal pretty much as soon as they arrived at Skalny. Unfortunately, as the slope was slow, it was going to close at 16.00 so the more advanced skiers couldn't go up the steeper red. Instead, we gave everyone a lesson. Those who where more confident gave snowboarding a try and they enjoyed it quite a bit! The guys I took where turning in half an hour! We then went out to Va va voom and danced until we couldn't dance any more!

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