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Fri 29th October 2010
Freeze Festival 2010
After taking on the might of the Scottish and Olympia Ski Shows are The Sunshine World Pro Team up to the task of tackling the beast that dwells at Battersea Power Station? Armed with our own DJ, dancing girls, our new clothing brand 3RYDE and enough ski and snowboard instructors to run a small country we stepped up to the task. Here is my account of how things went down... Freeze Festival, one of the biggest Ski and Snowboard events that the UK has to offer, and definitely most fun! For those that have never heard of Freeze it is basically a giant festival devoted to snow sports and other extreme sports, as well as providing some massive live tunes and all sorts of unbelievable entertainment! The first thing you notice as you approach the grounds is what looks like a large section of a rollercoaster, covered in banners, video walls and metal - lots of metal. What is it? Well, being as amazing as Freeze is, they constructed a huge jump to be used in a three day Big Air competition, complete with real snow and some of the best freestyle skiers and boarders the world will ever know. The scale of the jump was truly awesome; you had to see it to believe it! More on the Big Air later... Anyway Sunshine World was not here to watch the competition, we were there to let everyone know how awesome we are - and I'm glad to say that we're actually very good at it. So to start we rolled up in our Pro Team inspired version of the A-Team van, complete with bullet holes, sofa-bed, lino flooring, plasma TV and even an Xbox 360. If you'd like to check the can out simply visit www.facebook.com/sunshineworldholidays and check it out, there are loads of other great pictures up there too! After parking the van in our allotted space in the retail area we started to set up our awesome stall a clothing section for our brand new 3RYDE clothing towards the back, a cetin for stools to sit and chill with people we meet and a nifty mini-DJ booth, all organised around our A-Team centre-piece. Add some brochure stands, a load of Sunshine World balloons and the Team kitted out in 3RYDE gear and we were ready to rock (not roll, that is very hard to do while working). Getting people to realise that Sunshine World really is quite possibly the coolest and best creation, since I stopped having to slice my own bread, is actually quite hard work! But fear not, because all the practice from the Scotland and Olympia kicked in after a couple of hours and away we went! Now people these days don't seem to respond to a simple 'Hello there!' quite as well as they should, so we decided to kick it up a notch, Sunshine style some of the highlights were forming a human chain across the isle and dancing extravagantly while talking about the company to potential customers. The public seemed to enjoy it almost as much as us, but not quite! The only downer on the first day was the floor manager constantly telling us to turn the music down (I don't think they quite understood that they were at a music fuelled festival). Due to the days being very long, and there being so many of us, we were able to have a good deal of time for lunch, and even a couple of breaks during each day to allow us to experience the Freeze experience! After wandering around and scoping the grounds out, I was stunned at simply how much entertainment there was. There were two main stages for live acts (that included Mark Ronson, Scratch Perverts, Pendulum and many more!) that started mid afternoon and continued until closing, you could hear the music from any point in the whole area! On top of that there were countless stands offering, food, drinks, games, competitions and Relentless even brought down a miniature skate park and a crew of professional freestyle BMXers, very exciting stuff! The main attraction, however, was obviously the Big Air competition. On the first of the three days were just practice runs so that the participants could learn how to cope with the snow condition, jump size and the landing (which was really quite short!). The warm-ups were fun to watch, almost everyone just tried a straight air very early in the morning for their first jump to test the waters, and even then I saw quite a few nasty bails. Later on in the day and I saw some good stuff, a few 720s and even a flip or two! The skiers seemed to be landing more tricks than the boarders but that is understandable, snowboarding is like having your shoelaces tied together, can you tell that I'm a skier yet? On the second and third days of the competition was where it really shined. I saw some really crazy stuff, from elegant double back flips to a jaw-dropping switch double back flip 1080 (That would be going in backwards, jumping and spinning fully around three times whilst doing two back flips) that I believe won the show. All in all it was the best freestyle display I have ever seen and although there were some nasty bails, thankfully nobody was hurt. So after three days we were all completely exhausted, 72 hours on your feet all day is hard on you, but it was well worth it! After the retail section closed on the final night the Sunshine World Pro team set out to the main stage for a big celebration Pendulum baby! I have never seen a crowd go so crazy in a long time, there wasn't a single person not jumping up and down, especially when Tarantula was played! Unfortunately for me, I chose to wear a neon pink hoody I had purchased earlier that day and because the gig was under a gigantic canopy, things started getting a little bit hot. After becoming drenched in my own sweat and almost passing out I had to leave to get some air, that didn't last long though, within a few minutes I was straight back at the front with the Team busting some shapes! Overall I had one of the best times of my year and none of it would have been possible without Sunshine World! We received loads of interest from loads of people, there were even a couple of people I spoke to that really understood what we are trying to do the feeling of having such a passionate conversation with someone you have never met is just fantastic! Freeze Festival next year, be there, I know I will be! Ben Pocklington
Mon 24th January 2011
Top Gun

Today we took the guests to Harenda, and again the heaven were sending us down the good stuff. I carried on from yesterdays lesson with the guest straight snow plowing to introduce turning. We started with a couple of warm up excerises followed by an excerise called the wedge wiggle, were by you just rotate your angles slightly to intro direction change. Once the guests were changing the line the of the snow plow, i brought in isolated turns, and then linked turns. After my lesson we had lunch and got cracking with another juinor spess with top dog garcia. As both myself and garcia are going for our level 3 with started off with more commitment turns to get warm up then straight into top gun. An excerise were one person leads and the other has to follow as closly as poss. the lead person can do any thing they want. So garcia lead twice as i push myself more when im trying to keep up. I really really did have to commit as we were gunning it now. Plenty more juniors and i'll be right on it !!

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