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DAY OFF? who needs it!!

So being a Thursday and all we all had the choice? To go boarding or not, now really what kind of choice is that? OF COURSE WE WANNA RIDE regardless of the hang over were sporting haha heck of a night out before to, but thats a story for another day, anyway a nice relaxed 11 o'clock wake up call, and a slightly stumbled walk up the stairs to a good bowl a cereal and plan of what resort were going to hit up, Witow was the call and the clan included me mikey Brett and Ruben and we were all psyched to hit the park in Witow as it's probably the best in Poland and easily world class with a 55 foot table and over 7 rails / boxes, a spine line and a new addition that day some sort of unique bicycle railing on its side at the top of a spine never got the chance to hit as they were still constructing it but still pretty cool. Any way the boys and I decided this was a day to learn, we challenged ourselves to one trick and wouldn't let ourselves switch until we either got it or just wanted to build our confidence with our everyday tricks, and the way we were pushing each other and building each other up was working so well, me and Mikey were riding level all day so it was very easy to push each other doing the same tricks and giving each other advice and pointers on everything we were feeling, we both were going for 270 on to front side board slides pretty slick looking trick and we both stomped it to (then along came Brett and stomped it first time) but very cool Ruben as always throwing mad stylish tricks all the while. After we had these stomped time to move on to some jumps because today was the day we teach Mikey back flips, after showing him a couple we both thought he must be ready for..... Unfortunately a miss timed lip hit turned into a very pre-mature back flip rotation, which knocked a bit of confidence but was a good effort none the less and were both sure by the end of the season he'll have them down. But with the confidence I built up learning all these tricks I thought what better time to hit the big 55 footer, first time wasn't quite the charm for coming up a bit short and nailing the knuckle of it ANKLE KILLER MAN.

Anyways after a couple tumbles from all of us we thought it was time to give our body a rest as we still had the rest of the week to go. So that's me signing off


This is the first of switch 270 to front side board slide!! That I finally stomped WOOPWOOP

Saturday, 12 March, 2011
08:00 AM - 09:00 AM


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