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Last day on the slope

Last day on the slope and you know it was a sad day, well that's going a bit far as it was an amazing day we were up at Bialka today, everyone trying to work out those last little kinks in our riding, so after a good session with the snowboarders going one last time through the begginer progression having everyone take a section and teach the rest of the group. Richard took basic mobility and equipment in my group NAILED IT. Katie had us straight running like bad boys right along with some good J-turns. Ad man took it upon himself to teach us side slipping and doubled up with the falling leaf getting us sliding in the direction of our choice. After this we went right back to Katie to give us a little power pendulum and other such excercises, Richard gave us some garland to get us used to going straight in the fall line. We were ready for turns and Hannah was yet to give us a lesson, so we fired her up and had her teaching us some knarly turns  (haha). Once we had our begginer turns sorted it was time to get some of our level two boarders to take over and take our begginer turns to the next level, Ruben took us from there looking to add a little flexion and extension into our riding and as he was our only level 2 in the group he even started getting us to go faster and keep perfect timing and rythm in our turns, to work on our balance he thought of some drills like hoping in the fall line, to work on our edging we got us hockey stop hoping all over the slope and trying to do the whole traverse on edge. We wrapped it up there for lunch, and when we came back out we it was time to do what we do best enjoy the riding, as the terrain park had been taking down (sad day) we built a good couple of kickers which ended being funner then the park it self we had a group of about 17 of us all working in teams to build kickers up and down one run and then we all came to the bottom to make what was easily the best kicker all season about 4 feet high and over a mad gap of snow machine pipes boxes and a fence!!!! Now thats a sweet picture kicker what made it look even cooler was the fact that you had jump up beside a massive light post (which eventually i tried bonking 7 feet in the air HAHA), anyway we all had an absolute blast jamming it and big shouts to Bretto 360ing the gap looked so sick.

Anyway as far as last days go it couldnt have been much better way to end everyone felt steady with their riding and teaching and still had time to get our last mad jumps in.


Pic is off our gap jump with brett throwing his massive 3 SICK WIT IT!!!

Wednesday, 23 March, 2011
07:00 AM - 08:00 AM


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