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Today (apart from feeling the sicky blues) WAS for lack of better words or to use a play on words SICK all night it had snowed literally blizzarding and get this ten minutes car drive away from the resort and its like god smiled at us and said here have it better blue skies, man we were all headed to the bialka peretty pumped about the fact that we were going to be able to hit the air bag all day for free and then get this we get there and double the fun was awaiting not only was there a air bag but a free rail JAM so of course being the cowboy riders that we are not prepared not even knowing about it till ten minutes before we jump in on it and ride it hard Me mikey and big Al dog and benny boy were all in on it a hitting it hard, ~unfortunately the night before I had caught a bad bug and stayed the night wide eyed a pukey so I wasnt riding quite at my best which was a bad time for this to all arrive but none the less the rest of the boys were doing it up heavy skenevvy Al actaully ripped the contest on his board and skis DOPE HOMIES!!! After the contest was all said and done they opened up the air bag to us all to get a practice runs in as the air bag contest was the next day, all the boys were in on this one and a big up to G-rags throwing his first (four) backies of his life along with Adam and ben, matty made some good effort but had a bit of glue from his chin to his chest that no doubt he'll shake off next time. After our few runs on the air bag the judges had made their decesions on the rail jam, and guess who took the cake none other then Sunshine Worlds Pro Team Rider MIKEY McKernan and with that I'll sign off to one of the sickest days the team has had this season!!!


Quick picture of Adam going huge

Monday, 14 February, 2011
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM


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