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My First Day Snowboarding This Season

To mix things up a bit before Christmas the Sunshine World Team spent the day at Nosal practicing their opposing snow sport! Skiers became boarders and vice-versa! Greg and I are taking our snowboarding level 1 instructors exam at the end of the season and were eager for a full days practice! I had only done about 4 hours boarding before-hand (last season!) and Greg had done a day or so more fairly recently. Despite not having been on a board for over 8 months I got back into it straight away!

I remembered that the worst part of learning to snowboard was using the drag lifts! Because they were originally designed to pull skiers up it is very difficult to stay straight on a snowboard as the 'bucket' goes between your legs. Fortunately I must have been doing something right last season, my first attempt at reaching the top of the slope was a complete success – not a single fall! Result! Living with a passionate bunch of pro boarders also has its perks – they are a wealth of constant knowledge, so I am always hearing the various techniques and tips. I was turning fairly confidently on my first run, and by the bottom I could tell what I was and wasn't doing well.

While I was boarding the actual snowboarders were having a great time on skis! Some of them had started to do basic parallel turns and even started to ski backwards. There are many transferable skills between the two sports that make it easier to learn the other; both share the same 5 basic skills (stance & balance, pivoting, edging, pressure control and timing/coordination). Fun was being had by all!

After warming up for a few runs on the smallest nursery slope, Greg and I moved onto the steeper and longer slope for some extended training.  After getting used to the change in terrain we focused on making everything more fluid – linking our turns with a constant smooth motion. As the day neared its end we were stiff from using different muscle groups and, although we were eager to continue practicing (It's addictive!), had to head back with the rest of the team. An awesome first day boarding! Hells yea!

Wednesday, 22 December, 2010
10:30 AM - 04:00 PM


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Nosal Ski Complex
Polana Pod Nosalem
ul.Balzera 30
34-500 Zakopane

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