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OpenID is a decentralized digital identiy framework. Which means, in plain English, it's a single online account that works anywhere. Well, almost anywhere. Your OpenID "identity" works at any site that supports OpenID, this is one of those sites!

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Right now you can leave comments on events and influence the Recomnds score of comments left by other users.
We'll be adding more features that use OpenID soon.

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Mon 22nd February 2010
Last Day of Februray Half Term
250+ customers came with Sunshine worldat the start of the week, and left wanting to stay longer. With Sunshine world over delivering once again, and 100's of positive feedback given throughout the week by clients who can't wait for next season. A massive success again !!
Thu 23rd December 2010
Let the Good Times Roll

Out upon the slopes again today but it was simply a day of play for most. TJ and Greg took our guests off for a lesson and showed them some more advanced techniques and had them both beginning to perform parallel turns. The rest of us snow merchants were ripping up the slopes and hitting the jumps. We have also bought all of our food this evening for the massive Christmas dinner that lays ahead.


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