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Selected Events (Past and Future)

Tue 25th January 2011
Carve Progression On A Board

Today we learnt the carve progression are this is how it went:-

1. Introduction to carving

2. Hard edge turns - this is were you do a slide turn then ride the edge as you traverse.

3. Isolated turns

4. Isolated turns riding the edge back up the slope.

5. Linked turns.

6. Mileage.


The rest of the day consisted of a my beginner lesson in the morning were we did commitment snow plow turns to ensure their weight was on down hill ski when turning so we did exercises that included - airplane turns, knee rubbing, and boot touching. The lesson went well with both james and rob (academy students) adding in ideas of their own and leading them to the group.

Sun 16th January 2011
Calendars and good bye to the old boys :(

Today, we started off by going about town giving out calendars to the shops and letting them know a little about us and what we do. After that, we had to say to the rugby team. We went out to a karaoke pub in town and Bob gave out prizes to the other team like most damage incurred and ugliest woman approached for a lay. Rob brought along his guitar and we had a sing song until well past midnight. We then went to prestige and had another couple of drinks and I did a couple of magic tricks and teaching them to a very drunk individual.

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