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Wed 8th December 2010
Lazy Snowy Afternoon

A nice day of relaxation today, we have not done a thing apart from go shopping and expand cave grohl, it's been great. Slow and steady wins the race, we do have to last the entire season.

Tue 8th February 2011
Hoooray for Harenda

So today woke up AGAIN for the what must be 6th day in a row of absolute BLUEBERRY SKIES i almost hope for an over cast day now just so i dont have to rub the sun cream on so heavy but who am I kidding this is the bees knees!!!! Anyways as i was saying I woke great well actually to matty smacking me(not to worry next time i get him up it will be with a handful of toothpaste)! So off we went to pick up our two new guests Heather and her son Christien (who also happens to be turning 21 this saturday GOING TO BE A BAD BOY PARTTTTTY)   so as i was saying we picked them up from the chalet Gong, and went to pick up their gear from Nosal, and then straight to Nosal the lessons started well Me with christien and Seany with Heather, me and christien hiked the bunny of couple times just getting all the basics back as he has snowboarded before back in 2002 but just like riding a bike he was right back on it no worries what so ever, so after getting him to pendulum on his heals and toes a couple of times, we got him running some sexy begginer turns. But this man could not be stopped he wanted it harder and faster so at his commands we took to the lift, Now I must say for a begginer to take to the top of Harenda is quite the daring task but after I saw his skill and confidence I knew if nothing else he would be able to really work on his side slipping skills at the top and turns lower down the hill, after what must have only been 2 runs Chritien was blasting turns out from the top UNREAL,  and even then his lust for more boarding wasn't quenched he wanted free style and as it was the end of the lesson we took to the park to catch up with some of the other guys.

Everyone was absolutely ripping it, some honourable mentions Al-dog with slick boardslide switch out, Reuben with a develish nose slide to tail slide on a flat down box, Maples with  some big air on his skis, Matty and his ski 180's. Even Christian on his first day back got in on the action with a couple of little straight airs (SICK DOGGY). I myself was finally enjoying a day in the park trying things i hadnt done before so it was a great day for myself as well. Anyway here's a dope photo that Brett got of me doing a 1 footer. (and yes I know my head is cut off in it but it is me ....I promise.

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