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OpenID is a decentralized digital identiy framework. Which means, in plain English, it's a single online account that works anywhere. Well, almost anywhere. Your OpenID "identity" works at any site that supports OpenID, this is one of those sites!

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Right now you can leave comments on events and influence the Recomnds score of comments left by other users.
We'll be adding more features that use OpenID soon.

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Selected Events (Past and Future)

Thu 31st December 2009
New Years Eve Party at Ampstrong
One of the biggest and best nights of the year, started with a bang with pre drinks at our chalet and a couple of drinking games with included playing the trumpet - downing jazz vodka in a trumpet shaped bottle. As the night drew closer to midnight we headed for Ampstrong. A double count down, many drinks later and interesting dance moves the night came to a end
Wed 30th March 2011
Ski Level 1 Start

Today was the first day of the CSIA level 1 skiing exam, where all the skiers were up bright and early to make sure they were there prompt for the start.

They spent the whole day on skier development, and all came back in really postive which was awesome.

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