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Sat 19th February 2011
Start of feb half term

Today was the day that feb half term start with 140 guests arriving throughout the day, the team was busy meeting and greeting guests and making sure that everything was great.

Sun 13th March 2011

So I realized that until now I really haven't given anyone a picture of what the Sunshine World Gang is up to OFF the slopes (apart from sporatically mentioning the hang over while riding), but I do think that is a valuable part of the experience in Zakopane.

To start I should just give you all a little back ground information on night life in Zakopane, standard is one bar open till 6 am regardless of day or time in the year which is always a great fall back, beers start at just 5 zloty (about a pound) tequila about a pound and a half club entrance at worst is the equivalent of 3 pounds (and that's when they  charge very unlikely unless new years or a major holiday) Zakopane is a haven for parties as it is the holiday get away of Poland especially come the winter season. Clubs are rampant and things go off the hook.... loving it.

Allright now that you have a little taste of where I'm coming from I'll unleash a couple stories on ya, one of my personal favorites is Alans birthday night, which started at a sweet little restaurant called Malenka all started well and peaceful  (that is ....before we got there) we hit the place like dogs unleashed, plates of shots were passed around like a hot potatoe, and things were getting outta control at one point every male in the place a trousers at half mass (in respect for AL's birthday) it came down to the last shot left on the plate..... a challenge was put out that who ever would go pantless into the next bar an order a shot of tequila would A get a tequila shot and the last shot on the plate WHAT A DEAL some may say, it took some deliberation but a un-named individual stepped up to the plate and challenge was met. VERY FUNNY. Any way as the story goes the night was long the laughter was longer one more to remember...barely!!!

That's what nights out are like but now we didn't always have the energy to make it out on the town as we are constantly training, but that doesn't mean we had any less fun then the others. A casual night at home was about as good as any that you'll have out anywhere, whether its Star Wars on our cinema screen or in house drinking games, hot tubbing, fooseball, x box 360, game cube, 100's of movies, balance boards or even the occasional night session on our back garden hill and these are all only enhanced or at least altered on the herbal thursdays! The option are unlimited and we're never left bored thats for sure.

Anyways this was just my tribute to the hundreds of different things we get up back in Zakopane trust me there is something for everyone here but the only way to really experience it is to come see it for yourself!!!


just a pic of als birthday night (pants half mast)

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