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    Wed 26th January 2011

    Today we went to Bialca, with the 9 guests, the conditions were perfect. I took my group and we started with the plow pararell progession, firstly making sure they are fully commited to the down hill ski, then moved it on too when traversing they had to be pararell, and then tapping their inside ski whilist turning. The lesson went great with group starting to become pararell. In the afternoon we went for another junior with the main man and the rest of the team. The focus of the lesson was stance and balance, so plenty of jumping as it is the perfect excerise for stance and balance because if ur not balanced  when u jump u will land un balanced and bail probs so u need to make sure ur balanced. We did plenty of hardcore pitches and my main feedback was that i need to MJ really get my hips out in front, shoulders, head and arms back.

    That night we wnet for a PARTY with the guests lots of shots and beers before getting in at around 3 in the morning. Good Night!!!

    Wed 9th February 2011
    Lesson Observation...

    This morning we went to Bialka, back on the skies and to get more fomiliar with the skiing beginning progress I observed Pockel in the morning, again a b-e-a-utiful day! Whoop!...

    Pockel his lesson:

    *Observe/analyze their riding

    *Hand to skiboot (to get more pressure on the outside ski)

    *Hand to knee sliding down to skiboot (low)

    *Turn and tap (lift up) the inside ski (parralel progression)

    *Skiboot skieng


    *Backward skiing (snowplough) Pockel gave me the tip to slightly sit down in order to parralel backwards skiieng

    As standard a very good lesson with good feedback and brilliant and challenging excersises for every ability skier in his group...

    After a yummy lunch we met Alan for a groupsesh at the top of the sixman chairlift!

    *As Alan was a little bit distracted he didnt come with us on the first run so he gave us all a challenge, skiing backwards down a mogully red!! (You WHAT!! :-)

    *When we came back up Alan came with us to do the same again!...with the tips from Pockel in the morning and the practice before it didnt go to bad at all...Challenging and enjoyable...

    *3 short radius, 3 carves, 3 short radius



    -sliding 360's

    -Jumping from moguls...

    Another Sweeeheet day at Bialka! Thanks to everybody that was involved!...


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