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    Wed 19th January 2011
    Two New Guests and A Trip to Nosal

    Today two new guests arrived, one of them being Polish! We picked them up at the usual time and headed for Nosal to get their rental gear and get them started! I took them for a 2 hour session straight away to get them to a good standard for the rest of the day so that they could enjoy a free-ski in the afternoon.

    One of the couple had never skied before and the other had done one week, but that was 20 years ago. I decided to take them both together and start from scratch so that even the more experienced skier had good foundations, minimising the chances of bad habits. They picked up the basics in no time at all on the flatter terrain and within half an hour I had them both confidently snow-plough turning on the nursery slopes.

    After a couple of runs to help establish the basics I took them both up on the button-lift  to steeper terrain and, just like before, I started with the complete basics to make sure that they were comfortable with the gradient. After some simple snow-plough braking and speed-control I was satisfied and started getting them turning on the steeper part of the slope. They loved it! I got them to try a few exercises to keep their weight forward and over their outside ski in order to improve their performance and, because the session was drawing to a close, decided to give them a shot from the top (better supervised than not!)! Even though they could both manage the terrain, the beginner seemed to have lost much of her confidence, due to the fact that she found everything else so easy and was receiving such positive feedback, so I told her to practice more lower down and come back later to see how much easier the top was.

    Just before we went for lunch the rest of the guys joined us, one of our trainee ski instructors and one of our snowboard instructors had gone out to buy skis for their training and exams. They had both purchased a pair of Fischer Progressors, a really nice, fast ski, of which I was very jealous! After a chilled out lunch we hot the slopes again for a training session with Alan and another quick lesson with the beginner guest to try and help her catch up to her partner. It was an awesome afternoon! We decided to stay 30minutes longer to give the guys a chance to try out their new skis and to let the guests play for longer. A great day was had by all!



    Fri 25th March 2011
    Road trip start and then returning home

    Today was the first part of the road trip to Andorra, we loaded all the cars up with 23 peoples worth of luggage and set off with me and pockles driving the red vito, alan driving the white and greg and tj driving the grey van.

    Two hours into the journey we realised there was a problem with then red vito, as it was smoking a little, so we pulle dover and call a mechanic, we were in slovakia at this point.

    While waiting for the mechanic we played a spot of rounders.

    In the end the red vito had to be towed back to poland, to get fixed, thankfully we set off a day early so we didnt lose any time.

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