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today is 24th Nov 2017
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    Sat 11th December 2010
    Tony's birthday

    today we had a good day at Bialka, lots of snow and good runs, Tony and Ashey did some amazing progress for their second day on snow. Today was also Tony's birthday so we went out the mexican restaurant for dinner and massive margaritas, then on to va-va-voom for more drinks and a boogy, its been an awsome night and again to of the nicest guests ever! Fun times.

    Fri 24th December 2010
    Christmas Eve

    Day off for some today in order to begin cooking for Christmas dinner, there is a lot of food to prepare and we must start now for there is only one cooker in the kitchen. Our Christmas spirits are high and the Christmas songs and films are flowing. We have only just put up the Christmas tree and decorations and now it's time to relish in the innocence that is Christmas.


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