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    Tue 4th January 2011
    New guest arrives

    Today we met John, our new snowboarding guest for the week.He is from Miami, Florida and is currently travelling around Europe.

    He is very confident in his riding ability and was riding the large lift at Nosal no problem and was even attempting switch on the black! We went through a couple of tree runs too which was very fun!

    Elliott took the academy guys out to run through the level one progression for snowboarders which also went very well, with Greg, Matt, Ben enjoying themselves thoroughly!


    Sun 12th December 2010
    New guests

    The season has started to pick up its pace with the arrival of the next set of guests Dan, Frayelle, Catum, Medina and Brownie. All of which are snowboarders other than Medina, which is good news for Ell and Sean because they get to spend the next five days skiing. Apparently they are all very accomplished snowboarders already so this is going to be a fun week of riding. All of the others guys hit the slopes as well while me, Pockle, Gregg and TJ stayed in to do some admin.


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