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    Tue 30th November 2010
    Splitting from the group

    Three days into amsterdam, and the rest of the guys decided to take off with out me, thankfully this was a planned seperation, from here on in I was a wolf pack of one (until meeting up once again in Poland), any way I decided 3 days in Amsterdam simply just wasnt enough, and ended up staying another 4 days making sure i got the most out of this trip and even happened to meet a new brazilian friend ow ow much, from there I was off to Belgium then germany and then couple weeks later met back up with the gang in zakopane.

    Wed 22nd December 2010
    First Timers

    Today was the guests first day of skiing and they loved it, from having no experience to confidently traversing Nosal in one day is fantastic work. It was also my first day of instructing today, after Alan had run them through the beginner progression I took over and tried to develop their confidence and perfect their snowplough turns. We took it slowly and carefully at first as I gently reinforced their understanding of stance, balance and rotation. Performing basic exercises such as turning around on the spot and sliding down in a straight line whilst maintaining a constant, slow speed, followed by advancing to slow, controlled turns. These exercises helped them to learn where their edges are and how to gain control of them, as well as teaching them the beginning stages of pressure control. Overall both Paul and Pallavi made tremendous progress, with both of them nearly nailing their snowplough and Paul taking the first steps towards parallel turns. It's amazing to see their determination pay off.


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