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    Fri 28th January 2011
    Swan Dive

    Today we went to bialca with the guests, and with the beautiful weather we got cracking straight the way to maxise the day. Lessons kicked off at 11 i took my group of intermediates we focused on the second skill for skiing... pivoting and steering so plenty of roation excerises. Once the leeson was finished a joined back up with the rest of team for a session before lunch, all was going great guns untill the swan dive, charlie swan banged his head on the ice whilist doing some carving and unfortunatley his skis slide out underneath him. Me and gracia trekked back up to him, the blood wagon was called and he was taken to the medical centre. Me and garcia looked after him, got him some lunch and then I took him to hosiptal and he was given him the all clear.

    That night we went for a good old party.

    Thu 23rd December 2010
    Let the Good Times Roll

    Out upon the slopes again today but it was simply a day of play for most. TJ and Greg took our guests off for a lesson and showed them some more advanced techniques and had them both beginning to perform parallel turns. The rest of us snow merchants were ripping up the slopes and hitting the jumps. We have also bought all of our food this evening for the massive Christmas dinner that lays ahead.


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