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    Thu 2nd December 2010
    arrived in poland

    hurray! we arrived safely at the sunshineworld chalet after one hell of a road trip (england to holand, a stay over in amsterdam, on to germany and then to zakopane poland), mutch fun was had along the way. Well done to alan for doing all the driving through the snow and ice and getting us hear safely. hopefully hitting the snow on friday!

    Fri 24th December 2010
    Christmas eve

    Today we started getting stuff ready for christmas dinner and mainly relaxed up until about 4 when Ben and I went to pick up our new guests from Krakow who, due to plane trouble in the UK, had to get a 33 hour bus ride instead. With 2 young children aswell, that is quite an accomplishment! The roads where scarily foggy in places. We could barely see a cars length in front of the window!

    Once we got then safely to maple lodge, the group went to meet a couple of friends that have come to visit from home, Tom and Kelly. It was a fun night with lots of dancing to be had be all and beautifully finished off with Nightmare before Christmas. The greatest Christmas film ever!

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