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today is 17th Aug 2018
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    Mon 15th February 2010
    First Day of Feburary Half Term
    250+ guests arrived in Poland for a quality week of professional ski and snowboard coaching and maybe a couple of parties throughout the week.
    Sat 12th February 2011
    Rail Jam

    Today we went to bialca for the Kia Snow Cup, were the team entered it. The rail jam was first to kick off with Alan, Mikey, Tj and Ben all competiting. They did a 2 hour rail session with the hope that one of the four would win. After a lot of tricks were perfomed, the session ended with the winner to be given his prize later. Then the big air bag open and most of the team gave it a crack with me trying 3 backflips and failing due to not commiting enough or rotating early enough. The rest of the team managed some backflips, spins, grabs and frontflips. At the end of the day, the winner gets annouced and none other than mikey wins the rail jam for the snowboarder. What an achievement !!!

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