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    Tue 14th December 2010
    Bialka day

    Today we took our guys to Bialka. They had a major amount of fun and their confidence on both board and skis sky rocketed! Kayden was starting strong edge turns, Fiyelle, Dan and Damen where going down reds and even staring to ollie and Midena was going backward on her skis and jumping into her turns. I'm so pleased with everyones progress and I am really looking forward to go out with them tomorrow!


    Sun 27th February 2011
    the day i cant remember not that I want to!

    So today started off very similar to many, academy day off, for myself one ski lesson out at Nosal which went through tidy as ever with Greg by my side teaching another class, by lunch me Greg were ready to head for a little relaxation back home with the rest of the guys just hanging out. But by the time I got home all the other boys had gotten down to business (Ben Tricky must have got the gang going on his own) and built themselves a sweet little kicker in back yard over a a pretty little fence, nothing to big just enough to have some good fun on. And I was just on timeas the jump had just been finished and the session had still not even started, it was great there wasnt much for a landing so standard tricks were being thrown left and right. Ben Tricky how ever was out doing us all learning some sick looking back side 180's after seeing him try and kill it for a while he really rubbed off on the rest of us (Ruben Rinky Mikey and me) and so starting getting a little creative starting to stall on the fence and spin out, really good feeling tricks was a heck of a time, and then it happened Mikey just casually mentioned how he still doesn't believe I can back flip, now I'm not one to be called a liar so he got me, I just had to give it a go regarless of the size and type of jump, as it turns out throwing back flips off of a 2 feet kicker over a fence with out a landing IS NOT a good choice, long and short of the story is a goose egg on the back and a concussion big enough to keep me off my board for nearly a week :( not a good time. From what I'm told of the rest of the day is the boys took good care of me, had me pounding back the water and never letting me sleep, cleaning my cuts and even icing my back we live with a pretty unbelievable group of guys here at Sunshine World and they never cease to amaze with kindness, Ive yet to proove Mikey wrong but as soon as I have the chance (this time on a better jump) I'l show him how its done.


    here's a picture of the fun we were having before the incident.

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