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    Mon 7th February 2011
    Spin It Baby

    Today we went to Harenda with 6 guests, 4 snowboarders and 2 skiiers. Lessons cracked on at 11, and the academy went for a lesson on speed with the main man GARCIA !! Once all lessons were done i joined the group and we went and hit the park. With the snowboarders owning the park, i started taking photo's, we got some bad boy snaps by the end. I attempted a 360 but only ended up landing a 180, need to rotate more!!!

    Wed 24th February 2010
    Krakow Party
    After a quality week of work, it was time for a party so the sunshine world team headed off to Krakow, where we watching some exotic dancing, got very drunk, danced like crazy and played laser tag the next day. One of the best nights of the year !!!
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